c.1970 Harmony H1266 Jumbo Sovereign Guitar

Here's a fun old Chicago-made Harmony from the last years of the company. This guitar is a jumbo flattop that's decked-out in late-60s, early-70s style. I fixed this up for a customer and the work included a neck reset, fret level/dress, cleaning, and full setup. The pickguard had also been "reglued" using Krazy Glue (or similar) so that was a big pain to clean up and get reattached to the guitar as well.

This has a solid spruce top (ladder braced) with a rosewood fretboard and bridge. The bridge has a (Gibson-style) adjustable saddle which makes on-the-fly adjustments to action quite easy. The back and sides are mahogany and the neck is also a pretty piece of mahogany with a slim, fast feel.

The tortoise headstock veneer is darn cool.

Big-block faux-pearl inlay and bound, side-dotted fretboard edges. If you hadn't guessed it, yes, this is the deluxe version of a Harmony jumbo guitar. 

Huge, vaguely "Western" bridge is very fun.

This has a classical-guitar-style rosette.

The body on this fellow is 16" wide. Unlike most jumbos, though, the waist is just as big (or bigger) than a dreadnought shape.


GC said...

Do you know by any chance if the owner plans on selling this guitar?

Antebellum Instruments said...

GC: I will ask him.

Antebellum Instruments said...

GC: the price would be $600 shipped in the US, and between $20-50 extra international.

SA1212 said...

I'm totally interested.


Prof. K.B. Greve & Prof. O.N. Stigel said...
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olestigel said...

is it still for sale? im quite interested!

Wayne Randall said...

Still available?