c.1940 Lap Steel Stand

I picked up this vintage lap steel (or acoustic Hawaiian guitar or Dobro, for that matter) stand earlier this year and have had it stowed away since it's so rare. I'm pretty sure this is the same stand you can find in some of the old Gibson, Regal, and Harmony catalogs from the time... and this stand itself probably dates to around 1940 considering the lap steel it came with.

These are extremely difficult to find and nowadays the only lap steel stands one can find readily available look something like keyboard stands. The nice old Oriole lap steel above is just for reference.

This one has all the cool of an old snare drum or tom stand while also making it very easy to "double" on lap steel if you're playing another instrument while standing up -- you don't even need to "take off" your primary instrument.

The stand is adjustable in any way you need it to be, too.

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