c.1920 Lange-made Paramount Style B Tenor Banjo

Meet Paul!

Meet Paul's classy old Paramount Style B! Like this other Style B I did some work on, this banjo is all muscle and tone -- the perfect instrument to punch through in a Dixieland, early jazz or big band environment. Aside from higher-end Bacons, these higher-profile Lange-made jobs are the only banjos that really cut it for that role and they do it with style at the same time.

Long 22 7/8" scale, big old archtop tonering, and lush trim.

My only work on this was minor setup -- the action had risen a bit over time and after 5-10 minutes work tightening things up and doing minor adjustments, this banjo was back to its old self and playing just fine.

Nice pearl in the headstock.

...and in the bound board, too. I love the little "rope" purfled edging below the board.

This particular Style B is fitted out with mahogany base woods but the resonator sides are rosewood which looks snazzy.

Original Page geared tuners help for ease-of-tuning.

All the little extras in terms of trim really add up to a pretty 'jo.

Spring-loaded, Lange-patent tailpiece. These are a nice solution to the "down-pressure" problem and much more deluxe in styling and function than the usual fare.

Paul gave the spinet a go, too. He's a fine player on the black & whites as well!

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Anonymous said...

This is actually a plectrum banjo, not a tenor. Don't know why it couldn't be tuned and played like a tenor, though. I'm buying one of its brothers from a friend. Great little instrument; wish I knew its background.