Videos: Paul & the Ladies

First off: more instruments will be coming out of the mill this week, so stay tuned. One really fun repair project (well, fun? -- not exactly) is a round-hole KayKraft archtop guitar in need of neck planing and a new fretboard, a 1947 Martin A-style mando, another Kalamazoo KG-22, and... and... other stuff.

Second: Mr. summilux"etc,etc"@yahoo.com, my reply emails are bouncing off of your address -- feel free to give me a call as I don't have another way to reach you...! And for those of you who I've maybe not replied to lately, just re-send -- been busy!

Third, and best: Paul Rangell, a fellow who I've done a bunch of horse-trading (metaphorically!) with, out in California, let me know of some videos a friend of his popped up on YouTube. Well, I checked them out, and had to share! The wood-top resonator mandolins are pretty cool stuff. There's a couple more videos after the "page break" thingie, to keep auto-loading down a bit.

Fourth: audio from Saturday's open mic & concert will be up here, shortly! If you want a sneak peak at the concert side of it, though, check under recordings at The Baba Yagas site.

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