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Well, it's busy-as-heck season again, here in Rochester, Vermont.

Today was the befuddling Harvest Fair and the Wildwood gang, led by the Atwood gang, setup a booth this year with all sorts of stuff from our store. There were also a bunch of 30-minute concerts scheduled "on the green" that were nicely attended, but unfortunately heavy rain drove the program to cancel about half-way through. I got to at least play in one of the acts I was set to play in, seen above with Mr. Joe & Mr. Tom as "The Flapjacks." We're in the middle of "The Cuckoo" right there.

Oona had a darn good time rolling around with other kids and dancing to the music. She popped right up on stage and started shaking a leg under my fiddling at one point, which was just perfect for me!

So, all in all, a good day!

We've also been totally overhauling our store space and the shop now has a decent-size purple stage, made from recycled pallets and plywood from "stores past," so look out for in-store evening concerts & open mics in the future. We're just starting to decorate it really cool. I'm planning to web-broadcast audio and some of the video from future events, so that should be fun for everyone who can't just drop by and see the wealth of local talent we've got up here. The stage space is also the new space used for the weekend jams (10A to 12P every Saturday morning) and if you're a piano player, that clank-box has been hauled right to the edge of it for easy use, so come join us!

Visitors will also get a better-organized instrument display,
with it all hanging on the walls now for easy grab-and-picking. I'm retiring my old "Adirondack rack," which is a little sad since it's been faithfully cradling many hundreds of instruments.

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Linda said...

I'm going to have to get down there again this fall and see what you've done with the place!