Fireside Chat #2

I know, I know, little children and blog posts... can add up to too much -- so forgive me in advance -- but I was looking through recent pictures... and wanted to share this for Mr. Sween, who sent us this nice old plastic uke. It's getting plenty of play around our firepit (seen in the background of this post) at night, serenading the foxes and fireflies.

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Scott Sween said...

Wow my friends out in the great land of Vermont...my smile opened up like a great blossoming patch of Red Clover in the Spring when I saw this here post. Oona is adorable yo, Bonnie an you done good...helping papa with repairin' fine instruments, helping run The Wildwood Flower and making art with mama, then playing music for the night critters...she is a busy lil' girl, full schedule. Tell her to keep on a serenading those 'ol foxes and fireflies, how sweet it is.....thanks Jake, that made my day....I'll share with Angie.