Ephemera: Yet Another Coolest Band on Earth (c.1935)

Definitely click on this to enlarge it! This band has everything. There's a "barrel bass," a teens-era 8-string taropatch ukulele, 1925-ish Lyon & Healy pear tenor guitar, saw, drum kit, coffee pot, jug, big piano accordion, Gibson oval-hole A-model mando, fiddle, tenor banjo, early (National?) electric archtop guitar, two pianos, a Regal-made 1930s flattop guitar (nicer grade), various horns scattered around, and, and, and... what the HECK is that rack of whiskey bottles for?

I love it. Totally love it.


Tim Dempsey said...
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Tim Dempsey said...

how about that animal sign? is that a lamb? maybe this crew went by the leaping lambs... :)

oldpuppy53 said...

Thw whiskey bottles would be like a xylophone- or bell- type instrument, maybe holding some water (looks like they already drank the whiskey) to create different tone- probably struck with a padded mallet.
Great stuff!

Rolfyboy6 said...

My bet is that they were a polka band.

Anonymous said...

That barrel bass is the coolest! Even has the F holes. Haha