Ephemera: The Kline Duo (c.1930)

You guys seeing it? The right-hand lap guitar is one of those gumby-headstocked Kay (Stromberg-Voisinet) beasties. The tiple on the floor looks like a birch Regal or Harmony, too... and... this duo looks like fun. Note the saw leaning up in the background. This clipping was off of a period advert for this "Kline Duo" I saw on eBay.

Anyhow, I meant to take pictures of the "big bruiser" -- the 3rd in-house banjo bass build -- but ran out of time after coming home from the jam group's gig on the park this afternoon. The low-down? 

It's cool...! I can play in stand-up positioning while sitting down, which is really attractive for practicing... and it also sounds like a stand-up bass, too, for good measure.

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