c.1960 Martin 0-18 Guitar

No, it's not for sale!

This is a customer's guitar -- a 1960 Martin 0-18 in good health and with great looks. My work was just a light cleaning and setup, but this instrument went back to Martin for repairs at some point in time. There's a replacement, oversize rosewood bridge and I'm pretty sure it got a neck reset as well.

Martin first made the 14-fret-to-body 0-18 in 1932 (I believe) and continued right on with it for 4 decades afterwards (as I recall). They're great guitars -- much bigger-sounding and fuller than one would believe on a 14-fret, roughly 13 1/2" lower bout instrument.

Ones from this era -- mid 50s through early 60s -- have a mid-size but comfortable mellow v-shaped neck, too, which just feel great.

Rosewood headstock veneer. Replacement...? bone nut. Original tuners have been lubed and work nicely, now.

Rosewood board and frets are in good shape.

Note all the pickwear. The fella who owns this has had it since his 10th? birthday, in which he received this as a gift. Not a bad gift at all!

That pickguard looks like a replacement to me, too.

Replacement bridge with Tusq or Micarta saddle.

Nice mahogany on the back and sides. The back and top are both bound in tortoise as well.

Good one-piece mahogany neck.

Yeap, she's a beaut.

I sat the end-pin in a little more nicely as well. Hole needed slight reaming for a good fit.

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