Banjos, banjos, everywhere!

I've been on a banjo buying spree, so that's what's upcoming to the blog, plus a guitar here or there.

The fanciest is a (teens?) McGinnis Shaw "Clef Club" banjo mandolin with oodles of pearl and trim. Judging by the look of it, and the Philadelphia address, he was probably a Weymann-studied builder. Next up is a (20s) Lange-made "Langstile" tenor banjo of a mid-fancy nature as well with big old tonering and fun trim. After that a (late 20s) Vega Little Wonder banjo mando with "pie" resonator back.

For less-fancy stuff, there's a Gretsch resonatored tenor banjo (late 20s, early 30s), Gretsch-necked, Lange-bodied Supertone hybrid 5-string banjo (I'm pretty sure it's mated), and also a plainer Concertone 5-string banjo which looks to be a great old-timey ride.

There's other stuff coming around, too, but I figured I'd highlight the fun 'jos coming in.

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