Database Finished!

Well, what with more middle of the night workings, I've completed my maker database list so you can browse the old blog posts by "who made what and when."

I also finished work on that Regal tenor guitar and a few customer instruments, so we can all look forward to photos this afternoon.


Rob Smith said...

A great new look to the website. The database looks particularly promising. Despite (or because of?)the sheer volume of information on the web, it appears increasingly difficult to find a concise single source for vintage string instruments.
My personal passion is for small body Regal tenors, about which there seems to be a lot of contradictory information (I've yet to track down Bob Carlin's book). I've never been able to date mine with any degree of confidence - spruce top, mahogany or similar back and sides, yellow label - so am fascinated by your ability to state 1925 or 1930 etc!
Keep up the good work.

Antebellum Instruments said...

Rob: Thanks much! I figured folks might be able to start understanding how to identify their own gear if they can get a gist of the product lines of these companies and also the build styles. As far as dating -- my dates, unless specific from a serial, cover +5 years from the stated year. Also, just the way the instruments were finished off and the components used in them changed over the years, so it's easier to tell a 1930s Regal tenor vs. a late 1920s one because of this. The depression era guitars of all makes had different priorities -- mostly speed of production, so while they can still be awesome instruments the attention to detail isn't as clear.