Clippings: The "American Way" to Play Uke (1918)

This clipping, from a 1918 "Music Trades" rag, explains the Durkee "American Way" to play a uke, supposedly of Miss Durkee's own invention, conjuring up a whole new science to the uke as a lead instrument...!

Right, she plays it with a felt pick. And let the hyperbole roll!


Anonymous said...

This gave me a good laugh.

Jim Tranquada said...

Jake: To be fair, Miss Durkee's claim isn't any wilder than Manuel Nunes' claim to have invented the 'ukulele. She just a mandolin teacher/virtuoso trying to make sense of this faddish new (in 1917-1918) instrument. You can see Thomas Rollinson taking the same kind of approach in the first 'ukulele method published on the mainland, "Method for the Ukulele (Hawaiian Guitar)" (1909). He suggests that a pick be used as well, although he advises that "it is doubtful if the mandolin tremolo would be effective." Jim T.

Antebellum Instruments said...

Jim: Thanks for adding that. :)