c.1993 Fender MIM Precision Bass

I picked up this 1993 Mexican-made Fender P-Bass in trade today and lightly cleaned and set it up following the deal. After setup it plays and sounds great -- just what one would expect from a Fender of any sort.

There's not much else to say, unless you're unfamiliar with these basses. 34" (standard "long") scale, rosewood board with truss rod access at the nut, top-loading bridge (as opposed to string-through, older-style bridges), and a single linked single-coil pickup that's hum-canceling in configuration. They're like the quintessential electric bass -- minimalist, easy to use, and depending on your sstring type choice and setup, great for just about any sort of music one can imagine.

Note the "battle scars" -- some scuffing and scratching on the top and back and around the edges, but nothing too serious.

It looks like someone slightly routed out the control cavity near the jack. I'm guessing this was for installation of a larger Switchcraft-style jack, possibly?

Tuners work nicely.

"Skunk stripe" maple neck.

Tummy cut for comfort.

Overall, just what it's supposed to be -- simple, reliable, easy to use, and very rugged. I used a Mexican Telecaster for the last decade and these guys hold up just as well as American-made instruments, even in periods of constant use.

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