c.1975 Korean-made Kingston Short Scale Electric Bass

This is an ultra-short scale bass with a scale length of only 24"! This makes it akin to the old "pocket basses" of the 60s, though the pickup and control configuration is the same as a Fender P-bass. This was kinda beat when I got it but it cleaned up fairly well and after replacement strap buttons, control knobs, some much-needed rewiring, and a replacement tuner button, it's ready to go with comfy, quick action.

It's hard to see in the photos but the finish is actually a creamy-peach sparkle color. It's certainly peculiar and looks kinda cool in person. The easily-adjustable Fender-style bridge makes it easy to intonate and setup the instrument.

The truss rod works fine as do the tuners. Note that the replacement button doesn't look right at all, but it was the only one in my parts bin with a shaft cut-out big enough to go on these bass tuner shafts.

The fretboard is an "ebonized" hardwood of some sort -- it might even be rosewood considering the grain pattern -- and the dots are pearl. Frets are in near-perfect shape and the neck is straight and true.

The pickups sound pretty nice plugged into my 100w Acoustic-brand bass amp.

The hex-adjusters on this are slightly bigger than other bass bridges which gives me the sense that they're less likely to strip out or get loose.

Heh, two tones, both from my spare parts bin. The top one is actually a "volume" though.

"Made in Korea" stamp on back and a (useless) serial number. Covered tuners work just fine.

This bass is essentially "slab cut" though there's a round-off at the "bass side" lower bout for arm-tucking comfort. It's fun to play this bass -- it plays really quick on account of the lower tension and really short scale.

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chevelleguy58 said...

Are these worth anything.I have one just like it.