c.1926 Vega Style R "Whyte Laydie" Tenor Banjo

This Vega "Whyte Laydie" tenor banjo is owned by a friend of mine, but I snagged some pics of it while I was working on its hard case. It dates to 1926 and has the nice, upscale appointments common to the WL ("style R") models -- bound ebony board with nicer inlay, pretty bracket-band around the rim's middle, star in the headstock, and multi-piece maple neck -- as well as the vaunted WL tonering.

This one has a Bestone (period) "spin on/off" "pie plate" resonator which makes for easy conversion to an openback when desired. I can't tell if I like the tone better with the plate on or off, to be honest. Both have their merits with this specimen.

Nice heel.

Pretty pearl inlay.

This looks like the original skin head to me.

Ivoroid-buttoned friction pegs.

The tailpiece looks like a 1960s replacement.

I love the look of WL pots!

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