Workhop: Vita Uke Repairs

I recently picked up this c.1930 Harmony Roy Smeck Vita Uke and aside from a missing bridge and bridge-area weirdness as well as a couple hairline cracks near the seal soundholes, it's in pretty good shape. Here you can see me gluing up and cleating those hairlines at the soundholes.

...and here's the new rosewood with fret-saddle bridge I made to replace the missing original. I liked the additional little "point" look that the owner had added to the rear of the original bridge so I followed through on this new rosewood one. While my new bridge won't entirely cover the old "repair" leavings, the extra length and footprint with the "point" will give the weakened top area near the bridge a lot more hold and stability.

Tomorrow once all the glue is settled I'll be able to drill bridge pin holes, do a fret level/dress, cleaning, and set the instrument up. It's all about using time wisely!

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