c.1920 Wilson Metal-Rimmed Snare Drum

I'd always wanted a cute old '20s/'30s metal-rimmed snare to go with this rickety old stand and with luck I found this 1920s-ish Wilson Brothers (stamped Wilson Bros Chicago) 14" kicking around.

Some of the hardware is a bit tarnished and the nickel finish is also tarnished and worn here and there and the original skin heads certainly show their age but overall it's in great shape. It even has its original snare wires, which are often lost.

All I had to do was clean up the drum and adjust tension for the heads and wires and it's all good to go. Can't wait to sit down and do some recording with it.

I cleaned up the heads with a bit of 0000 steel wool to remove surface grunge, but rust-drip stains don't come out. Here's the stamped logo on the beater.

Snare throw-off. The thumbwheel tension adjuster works nicely.

Here's the other stamp on one of the tension hoops.

The snare-side skin is nice and thin and like stated before, it's nice to see the original wires intact.

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