Workshop: Tenor Banjo Woes

This is among the worst things to see when opening up a case after shipping. The headstock and neck on this nice Weymann tenor weren't padded correctly in shipping so when the box got a jolt it split at the heel when the neck slapped against the hard interior of the case.

Let's all breathe a collective sigh.

You can see the damage here a little better. Fortunately, the break is clean.

...and here it's undergoing emergency surgery. Note that one really needs to stabilize the sides as well as the fretboard/heel part for this repair to make sure things are in alignment.

Good as... well... not new, but it sure will hold just fine, and with most of this heel sunk into the rim/resonator contraption one won't see it, anyhow.

...and on the "playing" side the crack is nearly invisible.

Here's the rim of the same banjo.

The actual "rim" is made of a weird composition pressed-wood-bits/fiber material and a "Little Wonder" style hoop-in-sleeve tonering fits over the top of it. It was originally glued to the resonator backplate but I'm not going to do that since the tension from the head's hooks actually pulls the resonator right back onto this frame with no issue.

This is actually a super elegant design from Weymann and results in a sleek appearance.

Here's the mahogany resonator.

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