Ephemera & Note: Fid-o-tar Duo (c.1940)

Someone can probably date this better than I can by the car, but check out the "curtain cord" strap that fella has on his archtop! Those things were the strap back in the day, often because they were included in your guitar package when ordering by mail.

Anyhow, folks, if you're worried that I'm not returning emails over the next few days, or your calls, it's because I won't get them until Wednesday. And if you're worried about something getting away from you RE the inventory -- first person to ask is the first person to get called/mailed back first, so don't fret.

Also, on Wednesday, I'll be posting a couple cool old funky Harmony guitars -- a big-bodied 30s tailpiece model and a mid-20s checker-bound Hawaiian model.

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Chad Brown said...

It's Wednesday! Where's the guitars? I've been a fan since I purchased a 30's era archtop from you a year or so ago.