c.1995 Fender American Telecaster Electric Guitar

Funky old and fun instruments will be coming your way tomorrow, but here's a recent (1995) American-made Tele to assuage eye candy needs.

I set this guitar up a couple years ago for a friend but he brought it back recently because he'd been breaking E&B strings like crazy. He suspected the string tree -- I thought it was just his heavy-handed playing. Turns out to be a little of both.

I always loved cream on Teles.

So, on the headstock is "the culprit." I removed the original, new-style string tree with its small arms and instead installed this old-style, vintage-type string tree with a wider "u" shaped string holder. This should keep the strings from getting too much excess wear at the tree.

...and I've also always liked the feel of rosewood boards.

The finish on the back of the neck has crackled here and there ("weather check") and the finish on the body is lightly worn and scuffed about. This gives it a vintage feel despite being newer.

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