Audio: New Old-time Album!

Mr. Tom Christiano and I present to you all our new album! This one's full of old-timey and traditional songs we recorded one night up at Tom's place in Ripton, VT -- on "the mountain." Me, I live down "by the river" in Rochester. Hence the title. You'll hear mando, fiddle, banjo, mandola, and gee-tar on this one. Enjoy!

For those of you who want to download the whole thing, click here for a direct link to a ZIP FILE of the WHOLE ALBUM.

For others, click here to head over to my website to download it for free in MP3 format! Just head over to the "mp3s" page to grab the audio.

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maasta said...

Thank you Mr. Jake and Mr. Tom for this old-timers pack. Nicely played great tunes and this is an absolutely healthy idea to pack them in single zip file. In my humble opinion it may be even better if you add there a cover art and maybe some linear notes to know for example what instruments from your collection are played in a song etc.
Cheers from Russia,