What's in store?

The "coming up" selections include some very cool stuff -- a 1930s Weymann full-on resonator tenor banjo, a 1920s Regal-made? Slingerland-style "Sterling" tenor 'jo, a 1900s Lange-made 5-string "Monogram" banjo, a 1910s Regal-made tailpiece-load flattop "parlor" guitar, a 1920s Vega bowlback mandolin, a customer's 1920s fancy Regal flatback mandolin and two 1910s-20s Cajun-style single-row squeezeboxes.

I also have some other bigger surprises I hope to add to this "coming up" list as well, and will let all you folks know.

As far as other stuff? Mr. Tom Christiano and I are planning to release an old-timey album (free download) pretty soon and he and Mr. Joe Schenkman and I are trio-ing for some local gigs. The local jam group is also growing more and more so if you're in the area on a Saturday morning you had better not miss it. We have tons of fun and there's a pretty diverse range of instruments filling our ranks.

And last but not least -- thanks to Mr. Woodshed over at UkuleleHunt for the link-o about the March sale. Blog daily viewer count was up from around 1300 or so to 2100 -- not bad!

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