Upcoming finds!

First of all, thanks much! -- to everyone who's been purchasing directly from me. Helping me cut out eBay allows me to lower prices for my customers and saves me from the headaches of going through their absurd listing system.

Second! I know I always use this line... but there's a lot of fun stuff coming up!

These finds include two 1920s flatback mandolins (one Regal, one Oscar Schmidt), an 1880s Buckbee 5-string banjo, late 1920s Vega style K banjo mandolin, rare 1920s L&H American Conservatory banjo uke (nice quality), late 1920s Regal-made decalomania canoe scene uke, gorgeous American-made (Seattle, "L.V. Baker") 4/4 violin, an older 1950s or 60s? Hohner "pokerwork" double row diatonic button accordion and an earlier rare 1930s 3-row (G, C, F) Hohner button accordion as well.

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