c.1990 Hohner G/C Pokerwork Diatonic Button Accordion

This is a G/C double-row diatonic button accordion, made by Hohner in Germany, and probably dates to the late 80s or early 90s judging by the plastic keyboard and synthetic valve covers. It's definitely been played but is certainly in good shape -- perfectly in tune, great playability, and good tight bellows -- and a typically good punchy and loud tone.

Someone must have worn off the plating on the grille because it's been spray-painted black.

The embossed patterns are in good shape overall but show some wear on the bottom and near the bass buttons.

"Made in Germany" stamp.

Though this shows some wear on the outside it's very clean and in great health on the inside.

Note the significant wear area -- this is where the accordion rests on the player's right thigh. Note also that the main strap is a replacement and the bottom bellows-close strap is broken.

I've always admired the classic styling of these guys. I just received this in the mail today and serenaded my sweetheart on our way to the grocer's this afternoon.

When I got home I of course popped it open, cleaned it up, and made sure everything was ship-shape -- and it is.

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Victoria said...

Absolutely beautiful!