c.1955 Harmony Baritone Ukulele

Sweet! Here's another 1950s Harmony bari uke -- all solid mahogany, cool chocolate-colored stuff on the back and sides, and after a fret level/dress, bridge shave, and setup... a nice player! If you've seen my "HarBar" posts before you know that I adore these. I simply think they're the best value in bari ukes at the moment, considering the solid build. The only caveat is that the factory setup on these is terrible and if you have one and haven't had it repaired and/or setup you really don't know what you're missing.

Like I said -- solid mahogany body and neck, but also a Brazilian rosewood fretboard and bridge. In addition, '50s models typically have bone nuts and saddles which enhance the tone.

Harmony label is worn-in.

Brass frets have been dressed. Note the faux-MOP dots.

As usual for these old baris, I had to cut the saddle down and shave the saddle area of the bridge just a bit to get action right.

Tortoise binding on the top edge and simple rosette give a nice understated look.

The mahogany on the back is a chocolate-y brown color with nice-looking grain.

Oops, slightly fuzzy pic. While I cleaned up the friction pegs I also installed some nylon washers inbetween the metal shaft bit and the headstock rear to give smoother operation.

Good heel join.

I always like the look of this simple, simple rosette.

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