c.1930 Hohner (German) Regina 12-bass Piano Accordion

This is a small, button-accordion sized 12-bass piano accordion, made by Hohner in Germany around 1930. The small, compact size with smaller-than-regular piano keys makes this a very useful traveling-size instrument (and quick player) and while the array of bass buttons isn't large it's enough to play most folk songs in the keys of C, D, G, and F. A useful modification of the bass array might be to remove the 3rd from the (major) chord buttons to allow their use to infer major or minor.

My lovely Bonnie's claimed this accordion for our home collection for the time being so that's where it seems to be headed. Oona loves it -- but then again she loves all accordions so I'm not sure if she's an impartial observer!

Did I mention that this instrument is dang loud?

The wood box is covered in celluloid ("pearloid") material in a cream color with red accents. The treble side grille is steel.

Note the simple bass side with Bb, F, C, G, D, A bass notes and major chords.

This instrument came from a California estate and is in remarkably clean shape. The travel out here did it some harm, though, as I needed to pop a couple reeds back in place and tighten up some stuff on the inside of the box.

As I've been playing this in a little bit this morning I've noticed some of the funkier-sounding reeds on the treble side have begun playing a little more true. Sometimes these things just need to be woken up a bit.

The grey leather straps are all original and in fairly decent shape. The bottom "close" strap is missing.

The velvety green bellows are in good order and look pretty cute mixed with the cream and red of the box itself.

An original case surely helped keep this accordion in such clean shape.

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