Site updates...

I've been toying with the site a little bit to make it easier to navigate and use. Slight changes will be appearing over the next few days as I get to stuff I've been meaning to fix for a while.

The best one at the moment is that my email links now function and there's a quick contact link right from every page... I've got some encryption on them to hide it from spammer bots so now I'm able to do that.

There's also a quick link to the current inventory from the cute little photo bar below the Antebellum banner... and speaking of that, there's new soundclips up for most of the stock.

What else? The string gauge guide for vintage instruments I've been working on is coming along slowly but surely (it's hard to make something like that thorough), so I can hopefully post it up soon.


Anonymous said...


The current inventory button near the top is a good idea.

Have a request for the next site revision. I know you can't update the inventory daily and I appreciate that you put the date on the latest update.

Any chance you could put the date of the latest current inventory update on the home page near the button that takes us to the inventory? That way I wouldn't go there til I saw a new date.



Antebellum Instruments said...

Ben: Totally good idea! I can do that just by changing the title of the page. Done!