c.1975 Martin D-35 (customized) Guitar

This is a friend's D-35 that was in for a "winter shim" below the saddle. Flattop guitars often have their action sink to fret buzz level during winter because the wood loses so much humidity (and thus, shrinks) up here in Vermont, so I often suggest that folks have a hardwood shim to put under their saddles in winter when this occurs to raise the action height just slightly.

While I can't place an exact date on this guitar (since the serial number is covered up by pickup equipment at the neck block) I'm pretty sure this is a mid-70s D-35.

What's different about this D-35 should be obvious to the casual Martin fan -- pearl rosette, fancy pearl inlays on the neck, gold tuners, and pearl-dot bridge pins (which have "greened" as a result of the dyed pearl in them). It's also got a tortoise-style pickguard rather than the usual black.

Bound ebony board.

At some point this bridge was shaved to improve the action height -- and it was a job well done.

The finish has yellowed a bit with age but is in generally great shape.

There's an undersaddle pickup system installed.

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