c.1950 Italian-made Noble Piano Accordion

These old "student" 12-bass (6 bass notes, 6 chords) piano accordions are lovely. I never liked using a big zillion-bass-button piano accordion I had despite the fact that it was so very, very nice in tone and... tuning... -- but this much simpler device is so much easier and more comfortable to use for the amateur or sometimes-player.

While it only has bass notes and major chord buttons for ABCDFG one can cover a lot of ground in terms of folk music with that layout, especially if the idea is to use the accordion mostly for accompaniment or as an on-again off-again instrument (not your primary instrument).

At any rate, this old (presumably 50s or possibly as early as 30s) Noble-brand accordion, made in Italy so it says proudly, is a nice workhorse instrument. Like most, however, it plays in tune with itself but is a bit sharp so if'n you plan to play with other folks, they'd need to tune to it. It's not a fancy rig but it gets the job done and looks deco-stylish while doing it.

I did a few minor repairs on this -- regluing pads/key arms, cleaning, adjustment, but overall it was pretty good to go when I got it.

It's nice that the strap is still in good shape. The button with the "divot" is the C note.

Good tight bellows, too.

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Accordion Joe said...

Really nice accordion! :-)