c.1910 German-made Schweitzer 1/2 Size Violin

Here's an early 1900s Schweitzer copy violin, made in Germany. This one is a 1/2 size instrument, so it's good for the youngins or in case you want to try a soprano violin (CGDA above regular GDAE -- an octave above viola).

My work was merely cleaning and setup as well as a set of new perlon-cored strings. It has an old, not the prettiest, but stable repair to a top crack at the bass side of the tailpiece. This is certainly a very nice smaller instrument with a one-piece flamed maple back, nicely carved top, ebony board and nut, and a good, warm, clear tone with decent volume -- which is actually asking quite a bit of a smaller-size instrument.

...it's also pretty!

The pegs are well-fitted and hold nicely.

The original bridge (also well-fitted) was bouncing around inside the instrument so I pulled it out and popped it on. Action height is set nice and low and this could make a good small fiddle as well since it's so quick to finger.

Here's that pretty one-piece back.

The neck has some decent flame in it, too, but not extravagant.

It still has its gut tailgut.

Here's that old repair -- a little messy-looking with the sun shining on it, but workmanly and stable.

Copy label.

...oh, and check out that classy hard case? This one was traveling in style. The bow comes with it but will need rehairing.

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