Ephemera: Russian Folksters

I'd be down with hearing this trio in my livingroom -- a balalaika, what appears to be a c.1920s German gut-stringer guitar, and a fiddle? Not bad! Anyone want to chime in with the approximate date on this? I'd guess vaguely 1950s but I'd probably be wrong.


maasta said...

This guitar seems to be Russian too - it's seven strings.

Antebellum Instruments said...

You're totally right. I counted only 6 shafts before, but upon review, 7. Good eyes.

oldpuppy53 said...

Earlier than the '50's. More like late '20's to '30's.
Neat stuff.

Antebellum Instruments said...

30s was my first guess, but then the dress styles made me unsure.

silvioafonso said...


Adorei o blog e só por isso
eu vou segui-lo. Faça como
eu, siga o meu também...