Older-Posted "For Sale" Instruments

Just an FYI -- this c.1950 viola da terra (Portuguese instrument, currently setup like a short-scale 12 string guitar) is for sale now (I've been hoarding it -- with folks regularly asking me about it every couple weeks or so) as well as the Brazilian-style (c.1940s), Brazilian rosewood/spruce bandolim/mandolin shown below. Just pop me an e-mail or call if you're interested at all.

I figured this would be the fastest way to get word out as so many have asked and I can't remember who asked first!

If you search up past blog posts this will turn up. I've used it a few times "out" hence the (now) tailpiece-style setup as well as Kluson tuners at the headstock. This is a big, warm-sounding, loud instrument and actually works well for blues and old-time style just as well as for fado-style stuff and open-tuned madness.

And I know a few of you have been asking about this one, too -- this is a 14 5/8" scale Brazilian/Portuguese-style mandolin, or bandolim, with a big wide and deep body, wide nut/fretboard, and incredible loud, warm, sweet tone to boot. This is easily as loud as some of the better old Gibsons I've played but has that Celtic-y, flat-top sound. One person commented that it's almost Irish bouzouki or octave mandolin-sounding. Yup, tis true, but at that cozy mando pitch.


spelman said...

Is this one still for sale? Could you make some soundexample of it , if thats the case?

Anonymous said...

Is the viola da terra guitar still for sale? Please contact me at Ginetes2@yahoo.com. I am also lookin to buy 12 string guitar strings for the viola da terra.


Antebellum Instruments said...

Spelman: message me at jake[at]thewildwoodflower.com for details.