NEW ALBUM! "Dark Old Wind"

I have a new album out! It's called "DARK OLD WIND" and is full of a lot of this year's newly-penned songs. I have it, of course, for free MP3 (high quality) download over at my website (click here for link).

In addition you can also pick up a hard copy in the form of a burned CD in these nice, hand-printed CD sleeves (recycled paper) in varying forms of the green/red and gold/green/red more artsy-ish version. The CD form's audio quality is better, even though the MP3s are 320k ones. You just can't beat hi-fidelity! At any rate, if you want to pick up a CD it's $6+2 s/h (so $8) and you can hit this button to do that:

This album was loads of fun to record. You're only hearing me on it -- I play everything and do all the singing -- but you're hearing a ton of my influences peeping out. There's old-timey, honky-tonk, Appalachia, a bit of Celtic here and there, proto-rock, folk rock, murder ballads, some Chet Atkins-y jazzy tinges around the edges, whatnot.

Let me know if you like it!

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