Ephemera: "The Cockerels" (c.1930)

Let me introduce a new post format for the coming new year...! I have the usual instrument posts, sometimes a video post, and sometimes a "clippings" post... now I'll be posting some "ephemera" pictures from now and then when I score a good "find" on the 'net. From time to time I scour the 'bay for old photos and post card images that involve instruments and then scoop up the better ones with a snapshot. So... I'll be sharing these with you as I find them.

Let's start with this cool one from the late '20s/early '30s -- it's a promo shot of "The Cockerels" -- what was then called a hillbilly or country band. Note the familiar lineup for the time that you hear on a lot of old-timey theme radio shows from the day: guitar, fiddle, and tenor banjo. If you listen carefully to many old-time records you hear a lot of tenor banjo thrown in. What makes this photo more interesting, however, is that the (Weymann?) tenor 'jo is also joined by what looks to be a National Triolian resonator guitar as well as a fiddle. Talk about volume! I'll bet these guys had a fun sound up on stage.

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