Coming soon...

If you haven't done all your shopping (for yourself?!) I have some cool stuff that will be upcoming in the next few weeks to salivate over:

c.1940 Gibson-made Kalamazoo Oriole Archtop Guitar
(this is like a Cromwell + KGN-32 hybrid, really COOL!)

c.1930 Portuguese Guitar
(this may modded to an octave mandolin)

c.1925 Regal curly Cuban mahogany uke

c.1920 Weymann maple/spruce mandolute
(this is the mandolin size one)

c.1920 possibly Bacon? tenor banjo w/donut-y tonering

c.1895 Cleveland Royal Works banjola
(this is a mandolin-body/5-string banjo neck hybrid)

...and more, of course, that don't come to mind!

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