c.2006 Alvarez RD20S12 12-String Guitar

This recent Alvarez is a trade-in, and after some truss adjustment and a light setup at the nut, returned to being a good player. It's got a huge, lush sound, which has a lot to do with it having nice modern x-bracing and a solid Sitka spruce top.

There are some things about this 5-year old instrument that definitely mark it as an import -- the fretboard dips slightly after the 14th fret, there's a bit of belly behind the bridge, and the rear of the bridge has some lift... but bang for the buck, this is a great guitar if you're in the market for a 12 on the cheap. It has that big Guild-y, 12-string warm jangle in spades.

Rosewood bridge and fretboard, laminate mahogany back/sides and mahogany neck with truss.

Classy-looking pearl rosette.

This is the Regent series take on the Yairi style bridge... though it's coupled to the saddle part of the bridge which sort of defeats the point of the Yairi bridge. So I'd consider this a moustache-style traditional bridge.

High gloss finish is excellent everywhere.

Individual sealed tuners make the headstock a little heavy but sure are accurate.

Just a simple workhorse.

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