c.1966 Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar

Aside from a replacement pickguard and a refinish job to natural on the body, this Tele is stock. And, yes, it does have "that" tone and plays "that way!" It's a friend's guitar that was in for a setup and checkup and, uh-huh, it checked out just fine!

Customer asked me to reinstall his original bridge and bridge cover which was in the case, so I did, but had to slightly re-cut his newer 5-ply pickguard to fit it correctly.

Nice aged finish on that neck!

Top-hat switch. Pots are a little dirty but they serve.

Original 3-saddle bridge and Tele pickup.

I think I count 3 pieces in this solid ash body. Nice looking stuff, too, and certainly played in judging by the dings and bumps all over the finish.

Who doesn't like 6-in-a-line aged-nickel Klusons?!

And of course a sweet "F" logo neckplate.

Strap button.

This guitar also has its original case in great shape, too, though I didn't snap a shot of it.

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