c.1960 Kay N-1 Dreadnought Guitar

Here's a big-bodied Kay dread from the early '60s -- no truss rod, fast neck (1 5/8" nut!), and a big bold dread-y sound. This is the 2nd of this same model I just finished working on for a customer of mine. This one has the usual solid spruce top, x-bracing, and laminate mahogany back/sides typical for this model.

The natural finish with reddish back and sides recalls D-18s while the funky Kay-style bridge and huge-dot-inlaid fretboard and super-square shoulders definitely let you know from a distance that you're not seeing a Martin.

This is a fun, big-strumming, heavy-handed-picking guitar and perfectly suited to folk and old-timey styles or even hard-pounding bluegrass.

Here's what's left of a "Stewart" brand name.

Bone saddle, rosewood bridge, original pins... and note the hidden bridge bolts under the upholstery-pin style covers.

Two big cracks repaired down the bass side of the top -- these were essentially crushed down and in -- had to reglue all the bracing on that side as well as fill/cleat these to get them stable.

Cheap replacement tuners, but they hold pitch. This had 3-on-a-plate Klusons to begin with.

Neck set and angle are good.

Added a strap button to replace the broken-off end pin's role.

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