Upcoming Stuff

Very cool stuff in the near future!

First for excitement -- an EVIL instrument -- a friend's 1922 Gibson F-2 mando which I'll show you all in the morning... how did he know that I've always lusted after one? And how could he have possibly brought one by in such amazing shape and with SUCH a sound? Too bad I can't afford it!

Also, coming soon:

c.1925 Langestile II (by Lange) tenor banjo
c.1925 Regal fancy curly Cuban mahogany uke
c.1930 Harmony mahogany soprano uke
various 1920s banjo ukes
c.1930 Kay-Kraft style tenor guitar
various 1920s student ukes
c.1930 celluloid-fretboard 5-string banjo
and plenty more

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