Reso Trio Part 2 - c.1937 National Trojan Resonator Guitar

This is part 2 of a trio of resonator guitars I worked on for a customer.

This one is a 1937-ish National Trojan, with a body made by Harmony but the cone and coverplate of course National standard-issue stuff. This particular guitar was really brutalized... sloppy "repairs" combined with sloppy refinishing combined with sloppy storage and sloppy playing yielded an unfortunate victim. Fortunately, the original cone still exists inside it (though oft-crumpled over the years it looks), which means this has that big, warm, rumbly tone typical for these wood-bodied Nationals.

Because of a bad warp in the neck I've set this up Dobro-style with a raised nut and saddle for Hawaiian (lap) play. It sounds great this way but it's unfortunate this is what's had to happen as this has the nice 14-fret neck join which makes Spanish play so great on these.

Note the rust and abuse throughout.

New high bone nut.

While the old "repairs" and muck cover this instrument, my work is in the less-visible nature... I did a neck reset, light fret dress (in case anyone wants to reconvert this for high-action slide work), and the aforementioned setup work (as well as cleaning). The tuners on this guitar are salvaged '20s ones from my parts-bin.

Here's my new holly saddle mated to the original biscuit.

Yucky "refinishing" on the back, too.

...had to peel piles of glue from this neck joint area as well.

The original end pin is still intact! ...because it's been glued in.


Mark Makin said...

This one is also not a Trojan but a SUPERTONE. This one should have a Y series number pon the top (??)

Jake Wildwood said...

Mark: Thanks -- but they're for all intents and purposes the same instrument. I really don't remember what the serial stamp on this one was, sorry.