c.1981 Peavey T-60 Electric Guitar

When I was playing loud electric music back in the day, I totally lusted after one of these older made in the USA Peavey T-60s. Strangely enough, even though a good number of them were made, they were awful hard to find.

This one is in fantastic shape, with most of the playwear only existing as pick marks on the pickguard. The finish looks brand new even after all this time -- probably because this guitar still has its original molded hard case.

I received this instrument in trade for some work I did recently and it was good to go right "out of the box" -- I still need to put some new strings on it but the old ones still sound just fine.

Folks who know about these guitars know just how incredibly versatile they are -- twin blade-style humbuckers that can be split to single coils individually via the tone knob (1-7 is humbucking, 7-10 is single coil) with three-way switching, individual volume for each pickup, and of course an "out of phase" switch as well -- which is great because you can change from shredding leads to a jangly strumming-friendly Telecaster acoustic-y tone with a simple flipped switch.

Oh right, and all of that fancy wiring means... what? It means this guitar can mimic a whole bunch of other guitars, eliminating the need for carrying around a ton of extra gear for those slight tonal changes you need for different tunes.

Patent Pending headstock label.

Next we come to the neck... which on this one is a Tele-style maple board. The profile on these Peavey necks is just gorgeous to behold, by the way...! They play effortlessly... it's almost as if the neck isn't there. Just so fast!

Good, heavy-duty, through-body bridge.

The "iced tea" sunburst finish on this fella is rather rare compared to the many natural-finished (dull poly finish) and black/white-finished variations.

Note that the neck is 2-piece hard maple and super sturdy, with a good truss rod.

Micro-tilt neck.

The body is three-piece ash, and while T-60s are noted as heavy instruments, this one is more around the weight of a typical Tele. Plenty comfortable to play for long sets. And the sustain is huge!

Original case!


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Not sure if you knew about this link, but it goes to a Peavey owner's manual for the T60. Probably handy for a buyer who doesn't know what all the guitar can do.



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Want to sell this guitar, Jake?

Please contact me.


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Type-o sorry