c.1940 Regal-made Pearloid-fretboard Ukulele

I picked this uke up in trade and am glad I did! This is a cute little soprano made by Regal in Chicago (headstock shape, neck and heel shape, body build, bridge all point to this) around 1940. It's made entirely of solid birch with a "mahogany" tint stain.

My work on this uke included a bridge reglue, replacement of two frets, fret dress, neck reset, and new fret-style saddle as well as the usual cleaning and setup. Oh, and a hairline crack repair to the top.

It now plays nicely with a woody, sweet tone and good volume.

The stencils are pretty neat.

"It" on the headstock -- what the heck? Who knows what company re-sold this uke under this name.

Mother-of-toilet-seat fretboard is in decent shape. I had to reglue the "tongue" at the bottom as it was peeling, though. This color is a sort of weird yellow-green.

Lady walking her pooch!

Strangely enough the soundhole edge is bound.

The bakelite-buttoned tuners are in good order.

You can see the typical birch wood grain on the back much better than the front.

End pin area.

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