c.1935 Richter Soprano Ukulele

This Richter-branded uke was probably made around 1930-35 or so judging by its build style. It's a strange one, with a thicker-than-usual top, back, and sides, all of light-colored (on the inside, stained on the outside) solid mahogany.

I fixed this up for a customer and the work included a neck reset, fret dress, and bridge shave as well as cleaning. It plays just dandy now and has a woody, nicely loud, tone.

This routing of the headstock edges is typical of Regal-made ukes from the time, so this is likely a Regal product, but I cannot confirm that for sure.

Fun pearloid headstock.

Simple rosette.

This bridge originally had a raised saddle but the bridge was too tall even after the neck set (very common) so I reshaped it with a down-sloping edge in the front that serves as the profile for a saddle. Because the bridge was originally painted black (it's a maple bridge), I also re-"ebonized" it as well.

It's fun that it has the top and back binding.

Here's the Richter imprint.

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