c.1925 Stromberg-Voisinet (Kay) Mahogany 0-size Guitar

I've worked on this same exact model a number of times, but this particular guitar has its Hawaiian tropical scene decal in the best condition of the ones I've seen. This was made by Stromberg Voisinet (renamed Kay in 1930? I think) and sports all-solid mahogany construction throughout, save that the neck is probably stained birch. Hawaiian-themed models like these were extremely popular at the time and by the number of this model guitar I've seen out and about it must have been a well-liked one in the stores... and for good reason -- these are sturdy, woody-sounding, sweet guitars.

A bunch of work had been done before I got my hands on it -- previously it looks like the guitar got a replacement bridge and a neck set. The action was setup more or less well, but I got it down just a little bit more. I also did a fret dress, glued up a seam separation on the lower bout, cleaned it up a heck of a lot, and drop-filled some hairline cracks on the back. This is a customer's instrument -- and good thing -- because I'd be tempted to hold onto it. I still regret selling the last one of these I had through the shop.

Gorgeous mahogany topped with a gorgeous decal.

This "Gumby" headstock just looks too cool -- and it's only "half slotted" with a solid back-side, which gives it great strength and clean looks. Nice touch with the bound headstock as well. Original bone nut.

Fun pearloid fretboard. Brass frets.

The inlaid purfling around the soundhole and top edge looks purty. I had to reglue the edges of that pickguard a little bit to keep it from vibrating.

I slotted the bridge from the holes to the saddle to give better back angle and also slightly reamed the holes to better fit the pins.

Pretty, pretty!

Nice looking hog on the back, too!

Elegantly-cool headstock.

Replacement end pin, but it looks good.

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