Workshop Photo & Irene Photos

So, right before the storm hit us, Bonnie and I totally rearranged our house and brought my workshop downstairs, right next to the "walk into the store" door. I'm loving the room for its stretch and space as well as a "packing closet" which stores away useful shipping boxes and materials. Productivity is up like 300% with this new setup, so if you're waiting on your instrument, expect to get it back faster as I have much more workspace and can multitask much more easily.

Here's a little after 2PM right out the porch on the "Irene Sunday" up here. See beyond that far fog line? There's usually a turnout there, and beyond that, a 20-25 foot drop down to where the river should be when it's higher than normal... this storm was ridiculous.

About 3PM -- here we're wondering if this thing is going to get high enough to sop our first floor.

The rain turned to mist around 5 or 6 and we walked down the street to see what was going on. The neighbors across the river lost a bunch of outbuildings and this was the only one left.

The river was still raging... those swells are between 10-15 feet high.

The next day we caught a glimpse of the State Garage across the river from us, essentially "2 city blocks" away.

Here's the Rt 73 bridge 1/4 mile up the road.

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