We Survived Irene!

Hello everyone -- good to be online again -- we just got power back the first since Sunday. Crews out here are awesome and have come a long way to do a lot of good work! I heard a crew was in from Kansas, even!

And first off -- thank you for all the checking-ins, emails, etc.!


Hurricane Irene nearly had our first floor -- the water came right up to our doorstep before receding back into the river. The whole time I was telling Bonnie -- "There's no way it can get that high!" -- but it did! Our river banks are down something like 20+ feet.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the river, our neighbors lost 4 out of 5 of their barn/sheds and other neighbors lost much of their yards, etc. In town a couple houses were lost -- one slid down into a creek (which by that point was a river) and was entirely totaled -- the other slid off its foundation. Further houses lost a lot of finished basements.

In the aftermath the town was cut off from all directions and communication with the outside world until Tuesday, when some ATVs got through to establish contact. Since yesterday we've had a lot of outside help which is simply incredible to see. It's like the cavalry, navy, and air force combined arrived to lend a hand.

BUSINESS will begin again sometime next week and I will try to respond to emails, etc. as quickly as possible -- but I have a TON to sort through, so please be patient. Thanks!! And be talking to you soon.



Anonymous said...


Thank goodness you and your family came through the storm ok. Sorry to hear about your neighbors though. Good to have you back in business.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jake,

Glad to hear you're all OK!