Inventory / Coming Soon

Well, folks, I apologize for my slacking on getting the inventory updated. That's one of my tasks for this coming week. I do, however, have some cool stuff coming out of the workshop pretty soon, including:

c.1925 all-mahogany Lyon & Healy 0-size guitar
c.1910 spruce/faux-rosewood 0-size gut-strung guitar
c.1945 Kay jumbo-sized spruce/maple sunburst guitar
c.1930 Chicago-made flamed maple/spruce tailpiece guitar
c.1890 Lyon & Healy 5-string banjo, fretless conversion
c.1925 pearloid-fretboard/resonator 5-string banjo
c.1925 Dayton 14" scale banjo ukulele
c.1925 Lyon & Healy tenor-scale banjo ukulele
c.1925 Oscar Schmidt Sovereign banjo ukulele

...and others that I'm forgetting about right now.

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