Harvest Fair Concert

This year's Harvest Fair in Rochester was a very local affair due to all the flood damage and non-road-access to outside vendors. Nevertheless, we all had fun. Here's Bob Dean & The Bethel Pea Pickers kicking tail. They're real old-timey old-timers and know all the great old dance music. I can't get enough of it.

Here's the Saturday Morning Jam Band playing... Mr Hamilton Smith on the old dreadnought, me on the archtop guit-fiddle, Steve Sak on the banjo geetar, Mr Tom Christiano whipping out leads on my old Gibson Alrite mando, Mr Joe Schenkman on the electric bass, forgive me but I can't remember the name of our excellent stand-in drummer, also the Mayor of China Town John Wong on drums, Sir David Marmor on viola, and... and... do we really need any more folks up there? Yikes.

Oona & m'self, with hay bales that later became part of the stack to cover our garden this fall.

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