c.1930 Harmony-made "Rotary" Ukulele

Here's a cute little soprano uke, all-solid mahogany with nice grain, made by Harmony around c.1930. Check out the fun pearloid fretboard and multi-ply binding on the top edge and soundhole.

Harmony and Regal were both using some pretty nice mahogany around this time. Work on this uke included a neck set, replacement 12th fret, bridge reglue, brace reglues, seam reglues, fret dress, setup, and hairline glues/cleats. The works, the usual...

Nice simple dot markers.

Ah, yes, also a bone nut from my scrap bin.

Had to fill in some divots on the saddle where the strings pass over. This uke is setup perfectly for strumming -- quick, easy action, and fast up the board. Great for chord soloing... and the tone? Sweet, warm, plucky, and decently loud.

Note the repaired hairline top crack at the bass side of the bridge. There are a few cracks like that one on the top and back, all fixed up, though.

Pretty 'hog!

Pretty wood! Note weird discoloration on the upper bout -- case wear, most likely.

Original cream bakelite buttons. I've added washers under them to improve turning.

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