c.1979 Guild F-50 Jumbo Guitar

This is a customer's guitar that was in for a fret dress, new bone saddle, and setup. It now plays nicely and is dancing the night away playing Joplin rags with its owner.

This Guild was built in '79, and sports a (pressed?) flamed-maple arched back, flamed maple back, sides, and neck, and a big old spruce top. It's a jumbo-sized body and feels and sounds something like a cross between a Gibson J-200 and a Martin D-18 when it's in the hands... which is generally how I describe the tone of a Guild anyhow -- somewhere in the middle of those two bigger makes.

As a competitor to the J-200, this thing has bling all over -- check out the fancy contrasting MOP inlay down the double-bound, inlaid-lines, ebony board. The styling on this guitar recalls '30s archtops more than most flattops.

Classy Guild ebony bridge.

Gold Grover tuners.

Pretty stuff!

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Robert Wise said...

Oh my. Your site and the pix of the circa 1976 Guild F50 Full body flattop, blonde maple with mother of pearl inlays and gold tuning pegs brings back memories. Painful ones, tho. I had just bought one brand new as a college student in the late 70's. It was stolen from a church one evening (I had left it in the building after rehearsals one night). It was a gem of a guitar. The sound was spectacular and the action perfect. I've always wondered where the ax ended up. Have seen one or two others over the years. Really enjoyed gazing at your pics here tonight.